Where Can I Sell My Old Car? What’s My Old Car Worth?

Posted on 25th, Aug 20

The two main questions which always pops into the mind of anybody who wants to sell their old car. We are here to simplify these questions and provide you with a solution.

Your car may be old, maybe damaged, big, small, fast, slow. We take any car in any condition and thus has an extended support base in Sydney. We provide the best feasible Cash for Scrap Car Service. I Pick Your Car in Sydney is one of the top dealers when it comes to selling your car. We aim to provide the customer with the maximum amount for their used car.

How Can I Get Cash For My Unwanted Car?

We make selling your old car as easy as possible. All you need to do is to ring us or just sent us a mail. Our technicians will take in all the necessary details regarding your car. A preliminary validation will be done based on the details you provided. Once agreed on the rate, our experienced crew will be doing an onsite inspection of your car. Your car could be anywhere and we will be doing this onsite inspection at the time of your convenience.

Rest assured, it will be the best market rate of what your car is worth. We make sure the price meets the expected amount in your mind. Legal formalities are always so time-consuming. Especially when it’s regarding the Cash for Old Cars. We have an expert legal team who simplifies the matter of legal transactions of your car documents.

We make sure all the legal matters are professionally done and are binding to both the concerned parties. Fast cash settlements is another advantage when doing business with I PICK YOUR CAR. We are very prompt in providing the fastest cash settlements. We avoid the unnecessary waiting for settlements. The long queue to get cash payments. Frequent calls and emails reminding the settlements of the payments of your car. A lot of happy customers are the living proof of our services


What’s My Old Car Worth?

I Pick Your Car repairs and polish your old car and sells it to other customers who are in dire need of a car. The old parts of your car may be the 1 thing which may give life to another old car. Committed to saving nature, we recycle most of the parts thus saving mother earth from the toxic wastes these cars causes. Each and every part unusable will be taken care of in a professional manner. The parts will be recycled to the fullest thus minimizing wastage and land fillings.

I Pick Your Car takes Car Recycling in Sydney to its full extent. We make sure the car’s internal parts, accessories, and machinery parts are properly handled and recycled

So why wait when you can sell your old unwanted car, make money and save the environment at the same time. And that too in the shortest time. We are here to help you. Just ping us and let us handle this situation.

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